Lessons I learned while interning at Microsoft


This is a long overdue post, considering that when I look out the window from where I am sitting now, the trees are just beginning to fleck with fiery reds and yellows, the tell-tale signs of approaching autumn days. Although it has only been three months since I’ve returned home from spending the summer in the Emerald City, it seems like ages ago. Amongst the whirlwind of fall semester and the realization that I am currently amidst my last year of undergrad (a whole nother jumble of thoughts all together), I somehow put writing this on the back burner. Part of it is procrastination, but the greater reason is that this summer was such a major growing period for me that I still find myself processing through everything that I’ve learned.

This summer, I spent 12 weeks at Microsoft HQ in Redmond interning as a service engineer.

It was so much fun!! Or at least those were the words I used to respond to the “Omg how was your summer?!” which dominated my first few weeks back at school. Thinking back, it was probably the best way to answer since in reality it is impossible to summarize three months of eye-opening experiences into those awkward verbal exchanges as both parties are scrambling in between classes, but luckily, this is what the blog is for! Continue reading “Lessons I learned while interning at Microsoft”