2017 Wrapped


All right, so I lied.

In my last post I said that I would finish wrapping up the rest of my post-grad trip… but clearly that didn’t happen. Oh well. New year, new me, am I right? Anyway, this post will be a whirlwind through my 2017, written whilst listening to my Top Songs of 2017 Spotify playlist.

2017 was a year of change, transition, and growing up (literally).

I graduated college.

After 5 years of undergrad, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. The first half of the year was mainly me trying to make the most of my last semester in college; balancing friends, schoolwork, senior design, and enjoying my last few months of calling Atlanta home.

On my graduation day, we recreated our first visit to Georgia Tech twelve years prior.

I traveled… all over the world!

San Francisco, New Orleans, Paris, West Palm Beach, Taiwan, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Macau, Vancouver, Portland, Washington DC, and our now 2nd annual winter roadtrip to Nashville. Some places were familiar, others brand new, but all of them revealed a little piece of something special to me in the form of memories I’ll hold onto for a lifetime.

I was outdoorsy.

This year I learned how to whitewater kayak and conquered class III rapids. It was actually one of the most terrifying, humbling, yet fun experiences that pushed me so far beyond my comfort zone (more so than anything ever has). Whitewater kayaking taught me the true meaning of teamwork, leadership, and trust.


I went skiing for the first time EVER. And then again. And then once more!

I got my fill of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with summer, fall, and winter hikes.

Somebody pinch me.

I moved across the country.

After calling Atlanta home for over a decade, I packed everything into two boxes and a carryon and jumped on a one-way flight to Seattle, WA in August to start my post-grad, adult life. It still doesn’t feel entirely real, but slowly and surely, Seattle is starting to feel a lot like home. The transition has been surprisingly not too bad thanks to old friends and new, and frequent visits home for the holidays.

Summer sunsets from my rooftop.

I started a real life adult job and started gaming (related, I swear).

Shortly after moving in August, I started my first job out of college as a Program Manager on the Mixer team, part of the Microsoft and Xbox family. Mixer is a gaming live-streaming platform where creators put our super cool gaming-focused and creative content. It’s been a challenging, but crazy fun time learning all about the gaming world, something that was totally new to me just five months ago. My co-workers may have made fun of my gamerscore when I first started… 😦  But I promise I’ve redeemed myself. Now that I’m not a total gaming noob, some of my current favorite games are Cuphead and PubG (which I totally suck at, but hey, all that matters is that I’ve having fun, right?)

And, to end the year with a bang, I shipped my first (mini) feature right before the holidays! Learned a lot and there’s still so much more to learn and do.

Check out mixer.com to see what we’re up to! Very proud of my team 🙂



Woah. Now that I’ve put this all down in one place, 2017 was clearly an eventful year to say the least. But now that we’re already three days in, I guess it is time to say:

Ready for ya, 2018.


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