Goals for the New Year

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I don’t generally make New Year’s Resolutions, but I want to have good reminders for me to reference to throughout the year. Last year was the year of self reflection, this year is the year of action.

  • Create memories.  Make memories with people. Go to new places even when all I want to do is bum and be lazy. Do things that I will remember in 5, 10, 20 years.
  • Cherish relationships.  Life is nothing without the people in it. Never forget this and be intentional with my friends, my family, and that one special someone. Be open to new relationships that will form and take special care to maintain the wonderful ones I already have. Be patient with everyone even during the times when they may frustrate you. There is so much to learn from people, take time to absorb it all.
  • Self reflect.  It’s important to make sure that with everything going on (school, family, friends, my relationship, work) that I still make time for myself. It can be equally easy to get swept up into the craziness of life as it is to monotonously go through day by day not doing much, so I need to find a happy medium that will work for me. Take a step back and self reflect often. Make goals and look back on them to see my progress or how my goals may have changed over time. Write down my thoughts so I can look back on them later. Make checkpoints: what do I want to accomplish weekly, semesterly, in this year. Be disciplined. Learn from my mistakes, acknowledge my weaknesses, and utilize my strengths.
  • Enjoy every moment. The good or the bad, life is so worth living. Be present, you really don’t need your phone 24/7.

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